When you’re on your period, it’s quite normal to feel a little thicker or bloated. The good news is that most of that weight gain is water weight, which means it’s only temporary, according to a professional gynecologist and managing director of memorial hospital center, Lauren Streicher. 

When your period arrives, your body retains a lot of fluid, and then after your menstruation, the water weight begins to go away, the gynecologist explains. When does period weight gain go away? Let’s get to find out.

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Period Weight Gain

Menstrual irregular bowel movements might lead to an increase in weight. Progesterone can produce constipation, making you experience bloating or being overweight. Your weight gain may be due to your cognitive thinking. Perhaps you haven’t gained any weight for real.

However, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you appear bigger. It’s just a sensation you experience on the inside. Although, with the passing of days, you’ll notice that the negative effects are lessening. You’re also not as bloated, and those old favorite jeans are back in style.

Additionally, each woman and her cycle are unique. Hormone medicines, birth control medications, and fertility drugs can all make things worse. Keep track of how your body responds to figure out what’s normal for you. You have the option to know everything.

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How Much Weight Do You Gain on Your Period

Weight gain in the second half of your cycle before your period might range from zero to five to seven pounds. During this time, the quantity of salt you consume significantly impacts the amount of weight you acquire. The deal is that your body’s preparation for pregnancy is ongoing, which is the two weeks between ovulation and your period, and it will conserve plenty of water. 

However, you will retain more liquid and gain weight if you consume salty meals more. Let’s face the fact, who doesn’t love foods prepared with salt at this time of the month? I know at times like this,  I want to eat and sleep more in the days leading up to my period. Still, I’ve discovered that if I exercise and eat low-salt, healthy meals, I gain considerably less weight and feel a lot better all over my body in the days leading up to my period.

Image Is It Normal to Gain Weight During Your Period

Is it Normal to Gain Weight During Period?

The answer is yes.  First, I want to emphasize that weight increase during your period is completely natural. It’s also common for your weight to fluctuate every day, regardless of whether it’s your period or not. 

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However, I understand that bloating and a sense of weight gain around the period of your menstruation can be particularly disturbing and presents a feeling of discomfort. While everyone is unique, most women gain 3-5-7-10 pounds during their menstrual period.

In addition,  this is expected to subside within a few days. Sometimes, It’s unlikely to gain any body fat during your period, as long as you do not make any serious dietary or exercise changes. Rather, the temporary weight increase is related to natural hormonal fluctuations and PMS indications, which can leave you feeling bloated and uneasy.

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Bloating Period Weight Gain

Experiencing bloating or stomach cramping during your period will make your clothes seem tight and uncomfy to you. Although you haven’t gained any weight, however,  you may feel as if you have. Hormonal changes during your period might induce bloating by causing an increase in gas in your GI tract. 

Bloating can be caused by water-retaining liquid in your abdomen. It is a condition in which your stomach or other portions of your body feel tight or enlarged at a particular time. Sometimes, stomach cramps may appear to make you feel like you’re gaining weight. 

Prostaglandins, which are produced by your uterus, are the cause of these cramps. Your uterus contracts and removes its lining as a result of prostaglandins. During your menstruation, this produces stomach pain. However, bloating may begin five days ahead of your period and may last for a couple of days.


Weight gain and feeling bloated is mostly common during your period, and this is because during this time, your body stores a large number of liquids. To find out more on if it is normal to gain weight during your period, take our quiz today. Our experts are here to help you.

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