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Integrated tools and psychology-backed guidance brings balance to your mind and body, giving you the power to live your healthiest life.

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    Cultivate self-awareness
    Lasta health trackers and CBT-backed guidance help you observe and identify patterns impacting your weight and wellness.
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    Rethink nutrition
    Go beyond the plate. Our learning resources and meal plans help you nourish your body and soul, eat intuitively, and pursue your dream lifestyle.
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    Take action
    Sustainable change demands consistent effort. Lasta trackers, affirmations, and lifestyle suggestions inspire, motivate, and help recode your habits for the better.
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Feel empowered to transform your health

Forget counting calories; instead, take control of your health and wellbeing with Lasta’s interactive trackers, expert-led advice, and supportive community to achieve long-term weight loss and improved health.

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The best tools at your fingertips

Unleash your unique wellness potential with Lasta’s initiative tools and tailored programs.

A personalized health & wellness app

Live your healthiest life by shifting your focus from losing weight to creating synergy across your mind and body.

  1. Mindful eating

  2. Intermittent fasting

  3. CBT psychology

  4. Meal planning


Mindful eating

Improve your relationship to food with mindfulness. Regulate your eating sustainably, limit emotional eating, feel greater satisfaction, and enjoy your food more.

Mindfulness is integrated throughout the app — encouraging greater awareness whatever your approach.

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Intermittent fasting

Leverage this powerfully effective practice to recode eating patterns, fight aging, limit inflammation, heal your body, and lose weight safely.

Our resources will guide you to success no matter where you’re starting from.

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CBT psychology

This scientifically proven approach helps transform unhelpful ways of thinking, explore greater practice of healthful behavior, and learn new skills to build lasting wellness.

The fundamentals of CBT underlie much of our resources, supporting you in life-changing growth.

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Meal planning

Nutrition should be as unique as you are, fueling your body, mind, and soul. Customizable meal plans help you explore what foods work best for you and your wellness goals while taking all the guesswork out of popular diets like Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and more.

Explore our library of meal plans and adapt them to your lifestyle.

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  1. Fasting tracker

  2. Water tracker

  3. Weight tracker


Fasting tracker

Whether you’re just getting started or want to develop your current fasting practice, our intuitive tracker goes beyond timing your fast to also offering well-timed support for your fasting journey.

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Water tracker

Water is the first medicine. It’s fundamental to wellbeing. Our easy-to-use water tracker helps you monitor your day-to-day intake and improve your water intake over time ensuring optimal hydration.

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Weight tracker

Healthful weight management is a compelling indicator and motivator for greater wellness. Our easy-to-use weight tracker will help you create and achieve your weight goals with timely resources and support.

How it works

Our interactive tools and expert guidance teach you new ways to view weight loss while providing support and motivation so you can reach your health and wellbeing goals, whatever they may be.

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  • Why do you need the weight loss app Lasta?

    Lasta is the best at what it does — helping people lose weight sustainably. The most important things about any weight loss program are safety and lasting results. And this is what the Lasta app for weight loss is all about. Our app will show you healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight while changing your mindset. This makes Lasta the best weight loss app out there.

  • What is the weight loss motivation app?

    It's an app that keeps you focused and helps you stay on track. You are bound to experience an "exhaustion phase" during your weight loss program. Should you go off track during this phase, you'll lose all your progress. The Lasta weight loss motivation app will use the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to help you overcome any mental obstacles during your program.

    There is increasing scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of CBT. It's an approach that works and one that Lasta is well familiar with thanks to our experienced psychologists. We'll educate you on how to lead a lifestyle that supports weight control and achieve healthy weight loss.

  • Can affirmations help me lose weight?

    Your mind can be your greatest ally or worst enemy in your bid to achieve long-term weight loss. Affirmations refer to the practice of positive thinking and are one of the bases of the CBT approach. Our affirmation app Lasta will help you avoid procrastination and get rid of negative thoughts.

  • What is the best weight loss strategy?

    The best weight loss strategy involves exercise, a healthy diet, and a CBT approach. Our Lasta free weight loss app takes all three, including eating patterns like intermittent fasting, into account and will help you come up with a personalized plan based on your weight loss goals.

    As a weight loss meditation app, Lasta will help you become more aware of your actions and thoughts. This results in increased food awareness which helps to overcome emotional eating and binge eating, two major obstacles on the path to losing weight in the long term. Apart from the obvious benefits to your weight loss goals, meditation has other health benefits.

  • What is the best weight loss app?

    The best weight loss app is the one that provides you with all you need to succeed on the difficult and sometimes frustrating journey to weight loss. Coming up with a personalized plan should be easy and straightforward with the best apps. Should you fall off track, a good app will hold you accountable and help you get back on track with education and reminders.

    Since losing weight can be difficult, we provide professional support to help our users stick to their plans. We are available around the clock, and you can expect a quick response whenever you contact us. The time to experience long-term weight loss varies among individuals. Lasta is about sustainable weight loss, so try not to focus too much on dramatic weight loss in the short term.

  • Where can I download the Lasta free weight loss app?

    The Lasta free weight loss app is available for download for both iOS devices on App Store and Android devices on Google Play.

    We’re constantly improving our app and coming up with new ways to make it serve you better. We’re also always up to date with scientific research about the latest trends in weight loss.

    You may receive notifications to update your weight loss goal app. It's all about serving you better. We like to hear from our users, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have an idea about how we may improve your experience.