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about lasta

About Lasta

Lasta is an application dedicated to assisting you to reach your target weight while maintaining a healthy exercise routine, habit, and lifestyle.

Lasta employs the use of psychology, human learning, and technology to create a user-friendly and personalizable interface where users are empowered to achieve their respective health and wellness objectives.

Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our goal is to assist billions of people all over the world in changing behaviors, which help transform the lifestyle for the better and achieve weight loss outcomes.

Our application assists users accomplish their own health and wellness objectives through a mix of psychology, technology, and human learning.

Our Beliefs

As a company, we believe that in combining fasting, mental and physical conditions, we can successfully restore balance in people's lives.

How does Lasta work?

How does Lasta work?

Lasta creates a unique program that puts you on course for the transformation your health and body require. Lasta also ensures you maintain a stress-free mental state during the course of your fitness journey because a healthy mind and body is necessary to achieve balance and wellness.


CBT Lessons


Lasta is a highly efficient weight-loss app, dedicated to empowering users all over the world to attain good health, physical fitness, and mental stability. Our team of expert fitness coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists are readily available to assist you to make the right choice for your health and body and keep you motivated and happy

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Our all-in-one toolkit goes beyond weight loss to lasting, vibrant health. Our integrative trackers and educational resources blend the latest in CBT psychology, deep nutrition, and holisitic wellbeing to guide you toward your healthiest self.

More than calorie counting, it’s whole-person wellness — for life.

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