Mood tracker

The mood is a potent indicator of well-being. Our mood tracker app helps document your emotional state over time, tees up resources for improving mood, and helps you understand connections between your lifestyle and emotions.

Mood tracker app

Mood tracking for a calmer you

Mood swings increase cravings and drag your motivation down. Take a closer look at your feelings to understand your needs better. 

The weight loss journey is challenging, as it requires you to change your eating patterns and exclude some common sources of pleasure, especially food-related ones.
However, you still can handle your cravings as long as your emotional needs are met and covered with other comforting practices. 

To help you to identify your feelings and understand yourself better, we’ve created a simple and effective mood tracker where you can journal your emotions and detect the triggers that make you feel better or worse. 

Plus, we added plenty of tips on how to enhance your emotional wellness and mental health. 

A mood tracker app that goes beyond mood

We understand how various factors in life influence our moods. Lasta works to help you understand the connections between behaviors and experiences in life and their effects on our emotions.

Lasta has the most convenient mood tracker for you:

  • Easy one-click daily check-in
  • Space for your journaling notes notes
  • Mood journal statistics over weeks, months, and years
  • Emotional wellness guidance in-app
  • Live customer support 24/7

We gathered the best wellness practices to educate, support, motivate, and guide you through your transformation journey for good. And we continue to improve our tools to be the most useful app assistant for you. 

Need your mood tracker to do more, drop us a line!