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Calorie tracker
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Intermittent fasting app

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Intermittent fasting is a powerfully effective practice to regulate eating patterns, prevent aging, halt inflammation, heal your body, and lose weight safely.

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What Is The Best Calorie Tracker App?

The best calorie counter app is the one that combines a calorie tracker feature and personal meal planning. This approach will allow you to nourish your body with a proper macro ratio and meet your calorie limit for weight management. Lasta is a perfect app to keep track of calorie intake as it has both. Moreover, it offers you other habits trackers such as steps, water intake, intermittent fasting tracker, nutrition education platform, and eating psychology courses to lead you towards long-lasting results.

Whether you are looking for the best Android or iPhone calorie tracker app, Lasta is available for both. Lasta provides you with a comprehensive overview of your daily calorie intake, allowing you to make informed decisions about your menu, eating habits, and exercise routine.

Calorie tracking is an important part of the weight loss journey, as calorie deficit is the foremost requirement to lose weight. That said, calorie counting doesn't automatically mean weight loss. But what is? Weight loss is conditioned by daily calories out (including basic body maintenance, metabolic changes, and physical activity) exceeding calories in (actually your meals). That's where calorie counting comes to help - to keep an eye on how much you eat.

Сalorie counting itself is not as effective (and sustainable) as logging the food you consume according to a balanced meal plan program and accompanying it with physical activity and healthy habits building.
In this article, we'll explore the tricks to get the best out of a calorie tracker app and achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

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How to Use a Calorie Tracker App?

Using a calorie tracker app is simple. After setting up your account, you may start tracking your calories. Lasta app will calculate the calories and macros once you enter the foods you've eaten. By tracking your calorie intake, you'll be able to define your eating patterns and eventually make healthier choices. And the best part is: the dedication you put into your nutrition changes results in your mirror reflection as well as in your self-esteem and body image. The effort, discipline, and commitment you make for yourself make you feel better in your body, what keeps you motivated to go on and adopt even more healthy habits.

What Is Food Tracker Journal?

In addition to tracking your calories, Lasta allows you to log the type of food you've had and leave notes about it. For convenience, nutritionally dense foods (whole foods, veggies, and other things you're proud of consuming) are coded as healthy, the ones you are unsure about - mixed, and obviously junk food is called unhealthy. At Lasta, we do not stigmatize or banish fast food or soothing jar of ice cream. This definition is designed to highlight your eating patterns with the statistics of food types you had so that you have a better image of your eating patterns and even notice mood-food correlations (that you'd like to promote or eliminate).

Why Do You Need Nutrition Tracker App?

Along with calories and food types, you can see macro and micro elements you've nourished your body with. Hit your proteins and fiber goals and watch your fats and carbs. Pairing a calorie app tracker with a personal meal plan is a total blast, and it's possible with Lasta app! You can follow a preferred eating style, professionally adjusted to your needs, and log the foods consumed according to your plan.

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