Experience The True Power Of Mindfulness

Our guided mindfulness meditations will allow you to connect your body and mind, reset your mindset and help you lose weight sustainably.

Weight Loss Is Not Just Physical.

  • 27% Of Adults Struggle With Stress Eating
  • 95% Of People Who Lose Weight Gain It Back
Human beings are emotional creatures; so we must acknowledge how we feel impacts our health and overall well-being. No matter how much work you put into achieving your weight loss goals, your weight loss will not be sustainable if you do not have a focused mindset.

Your Thoughts Affect Your Behaviour. Lasta Helps You Reframe Them

Guided meditations are a powerful way to lose weight and maintain weight loss. While they do not replace a healthy diet and exercise, they allow you to tap into your mind. As a result, you will uncover behavioral patterns and habits holding you back from getting started with or staying committed to your weight loss plans.

What Can Meditating Do For You?

Meditating comes with several benefits. These include:

Reducing inflammation
Meditation is known to lower your cortisol levels and C-reactive protein, which stores fat in your midsection and causes inflammation.

Keeping the cravings at bay
By practicing mindfulness, you can fight off intense food cravings and control emotional eating.

Easing your anxiety and stress
Daily meditation helps you alleviate stress and anxiety by keeping you grounded and helping you reign in your emotions.

Maintaining a healthy weight
Meditation alongside exercise and healthy eating habits not only helps you lose weight. It also allows you to make all your weight loss efforts sustainable and keep them off even after reaching your goals.

Align With Your Weight Loss Goals

Each guided meditation session was designed with the intention of experienced mindfulness coaches to help you relax, reset your brain and change the way you approach weight loss.

Lasta's guided meditations will help you:
  • Understand the psychology behind effective weight loss
  • Become aware of your thoughts and kick destructive patterns to the curb
  • Recognize your behavioral response to your feelings without judging yourself
  • Make changes that last to your thought patterns, eating habits, and feelings about your weight.
  • Healthily lose weight and keep it off permanently
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