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At Lasta, our performance is not based on talk and guesswork. Instead, it is a measure of the success stories of real people who trusted us to help them navigate their weight loss journey and work towards the body of their dreams.
Since our official launch, we have helped hundreds of people from across the globe realize their weight loss goals, practice mindful eating, and gain more confidence in all areas of their life. Now, we will help you do the same.
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Check out these real-life reviews and before and after of users who have experienced the life-changing results that Lasta offers to get the motivation you need to switch to the Lasta lifestyle.Check out these real-life reviews and before and after of users who have experienced the life-changing results that Lasta offers to get the motivation you need to switch to the Lasta lifestyle.
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How Can Switching To Lasta Help You?
Mindful eating and proper nutrition are significant components of weight loss. Our intuitive platform has helped users create custom meal plans tailored to their diets while keeping their daily nutrition intake in mind. By making healthy eating a lifestyle, our users have gradually and healthily lost weight while giving their bodies the nutrition they need. Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting
Hundreds of Lasta users can attest that intermittent fasting can change your life. Our experienced experts have spent hours immersing themselves in intermittent fasting studies to develop our programs. Moreover, we always keep up with the latest changes and breakthroughs in the industry. As a result, we can confidently share our intermittent fasting feature with you, knowing you will achieve the results you want safely and effectively.
Guided Meditations
The exclusiveness of Lasta stems from how we connect physical activity and healthy eating to the psychology of weight loss. As a result, our users don't just get to work on improving their physical well-being. They also become more balanced emotionally, allowing them to overcome the psychological challenges holding them back from losing weight and keeping it off.From cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to building a healthier relationship with food, our guided meditations have helped users achieve what they previously thought impossible – healthy and sustainable weight loss.
Staying on track requires a lot of discipline. However, the process becomes much easier when you have something to keep you accountable. Our tracking features have helped users stick to their diet, weight loss, and meditation regimes, keeping them committed to their goals. Think of us as virtual fitness and weight loss accountability partners!
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