Like many of us, Jimmy Kimmel has struggled with his weight for years. Though the popular late-night talk show host always brought plenty of laughs through the screen, behind the scenes, he grappled with obesity and unhealthy habits. At his heaviest, Kimmel tipped the scales at 208 pounds while juggling the demands of a television career and raising a family. It’s a scenario many overworked Americans find all too familiar.

But recently, he made a change. “If I can do it, anyone can,” Kimmel said in a recent monologue. 

Read how a few simple lifestyle changes can help you reach your dream weight and reclaim your well-being!

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Snapshot of Jimmy Kimmel Before Weight Loss Lifestyle 

Before slimming down, Jimmy Kimmel admittedly led an unhealthy lifestyle that fueled his obesity for years. As host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! for 19 seasons and counting, his job demands long hours with little time for self-care. Cramming late-night tapings, celebrity interviews, and constantly creating new content took priority over nutritious home-cooked meals. Instead, Kimmel often opted for fast food and heavy snacking between work obligations.

On top of his hectic career, raising two young children and juggling family life also competed for Jimmy Fallon’s weight gain, with his colleague’s, limited time and energy. Over the decades, the lack of proper exercise, perpetual stress, and poor diet wreaked havoc on his health. At one point, Kimmel weighed 208 pounds and realized his habits had spiraled out of control.

The breaking point came when Kimmel turned 50 years old—the milestone birthday urged him to take charge of his well-being. The desire to keep up with his kids as an active, healthy father finally drove Kimmel to change. After decades of obesity, he committed to shedding excess weight to gain back his health and improve his quality of life for years to come.

Intermittent Fasting Celebrities

Jimmy Kimmel Fasting Formula

The 5:2 Diet Basics

Jimmy Kimmel lost 25 pounds by heeding the 5:2 intermittent fasting. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Benedict Cumberbatch also favor this diet​​​​. 

Calorie Input

What does 5’2 look like? This diet applies to eating five days a week commonly and significantly reducing calorie intake on the other two days. For Kimmel, this means keeping a steady weight by limiting his calories to about 500 on his fasting days​​.

Diet Practice

On this diet, Kimmel restricts his intake on Mondays and Tuesdays. He typically consumes coffee, pickles, egg whites, apples, peanut butter, and oatmeal on these days​​.

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Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Through the Years – Chronicle of Change

Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss 2013: The Beginning

Jimmy Kimmel’s motivation for weight loss journey in 2013 kicked off with a twist! Instead of typical diet plans, he chose a unique approach: fasting two days a week. This quirky yet effective method trimmed his waistline and added a fun, unpredictable element to his health journey. 

Progression to Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss 2015: Significant Milestones

In 2015, Kimmel took his weight loss journey to the next level by adopting a low-carb diet. This meant cutting out high-carb foods such as bread, pasta, and sugary treats from his diet. Instead, he focused on consuming lean proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables.  He also ensured to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Jimmy Kimmel Weight 2023: Is It Success?

Jimmy Kimmel’s weight loss journey in 2023 is quite the success story! He’s managed to drop an impressive 25 pounds, maintaining a healthy weight of 182 pounds, which is 28 pounds lighter than his highest weight. Kimmel followed a particular diet and used a meal prep service to achieve this, receiving his meals in little Tupperware containers. 

This approach helped him stay on track with his eating habits. In addition to his diet, Kimmel also committed to a rigorous exercise routine, all in preparation for hosting the Oscars in 2023. His dedication to dieting and exercising was partly motivated by a desire to fit into his tuxedo from the 2018 Oscars.

Secrets of the Jimmy Kimmel Diet: Crafting a Path to Health

1. Intermittent Fasting. Jimmy Kimmel follows a 5:2 approach – it’s like a weekly adventure for your metabolism!

2. Variety is the spice of life. He doesn’t stick to one type of food. From protein-rich meals to veggie delights, his diet is like a global tour for your taste buds.

3. Laugh it off. Being a comedian, laughter is a big part of his life, and guess what? Laughing burns calories. So, chuckle your way to fitness!

4. Restraint! Indulgence is not off-limits. Jimmy enjoys his favorites like pizza and chocolate, but in moderation. 

5. Abiding dynamic. He combines diet with exercise. Nothing over the top, just enough to keep the engine running smoothly.

Inside Jimmy Kimmel Workout: The Regimen Behind the Remarkable Change

Kimmel focused on cardio and strength training, incorporating activities like running, cycling, and even brisk walks. He also added variety with weightlifting and resistance exercises to tone and build muscle. His commitment to regular, consistent workouts and severe calorie restriction was key. 

What’s inspiring is how Kimmel balanced his busy schedule with fitness, showing that dedication and time management can lead to excellent results!

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Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Before and After: The Visible Transformation

Jimmy Kimmel losing weight journey is quite remarkable. Before his transformation, he had a fuller figure, visible in his on-screen appearances. 

After deciding to focus on his health, Kimmel underwent a significant change. He adopted a new diet and exercise routine, leading to a noticeable reduction in his weight. This physical transformation was not just about losing pounds; it also brought a glow and vitality to his appearance, reflecting his dedication and discipline. 

Alongside the material changes, Kimmel also experienced mental shifts. He often speaks about feeling more energetic, confident, and healthier, which positively impacts his work and personal life!

Intermittent Fasting Celebrities

Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Plan: Can It Work for You?

Jimmy Kimmel’s weight loss journey offers some interesting insights that might be helpful for those looking to shed some pounds. 

Initially, Kimmel adopted a strict regimented diet of two protein shakes and a light dinner daily for eight weeks, eventually transitioning to a more balanced diet with a daily intake of around 2,000 calories​​​​. He lost excess weight, mainly through diet changes. Can you?)

The Last Laugh: How Did Jimmy Kimmel Lose Weight and Saves It?

Jimmy Kimmel’s health spotlight incredible transformation has been phenomenal and inspiring to many who have tried and failed in the past. He stood and achieved his goal, thus giving us something to cheer about—a story of perseverance, focus, discipline, and determination. 

His story is something to be proud of and a lesson for us in that no matter what our circumstances might be or how hard they may seem; it can be done with the right attitude and outlook. 

We should always strive to achieve our goals ethically without letting pressures get in our way. Furthermore, if you are ready to make positive changes like Kimmel, take one step at a time and never give up!

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