Breathwork is a term that refers to a variety of breathing exercises and procedures people perform for health improvement and weight loss. People frequently engage in these activities to improve their emotional, bodily, and moral well-being. Breathwork is changing your breathing rhythms on purpose.

Breathwork therapy is a type of treatment that involves breathing mindfully and systematically. In other words, breathwork is beneficial to many people because it provokes deep relaxation or makes them feel refreshed. In this article, we will be discussing all that has to do with breathwork, types, and techniques. Do you desire to learn breathwork for beginners? Keep reading.

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Types of Breathwork

Breathwork is of so many types, but we will be listing out a few of them in this work.

  • Mindfulness breathwork
  • Neurodynamics breathwork
  • Transformational breathwork
  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Rebirthing breathwork
  • Vivation 
  • Holotropic breathwork etc

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Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic breathing is therapeutic breathing that aims to aid emotional healing and personal development. It’s claimed to induce hallucinations. Breathing rapidly for minutes to hours is part of the process. The body’s carbon dioxide to oxygen balance is disrupted as a result. You need someone trained in this type of emotional release who will lead you through the process.

However, this technique’s purpose is to assist you in improving your psychological and spiritual enhancement. Physical benefits to holotropic breathing have been revealed. The whole thing is designed to help you tap into your inherent healing abilities. It is a highly recommended type of breathwork.

types & techniques of breathwork

Breathwork Techniques

There are many breathwork techniques, and all are great for your health, but we will share the two best methods for beginners.

  • Breathwork Focus Technique

It is a deep breathwork technique that uses images or focuses on words and phrases. You can select a focus phrase that puts smiles on your face, relaxes you, or is neutral to consider.  However, Let go, or relax are some examples, but you can focus on and repeat any word that suits you during your practice.

You can begin with at least a 10-minute session as you develop your breath concentration practice. Increase the time of your workouts until they are at least 20 minutes long or even more.

  • 4-7-8 Technique

Andrew Weil, M.D., introduced relaxing breath, also known as 4-7-8 breathwork.  It helps to calm down the body. We are slowing the heart rate, bringing our minds and emotions to the current moment, and slowing the neurological systems. All Of these contribute to a  sense of safety and tranquility.

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Neurodynamic Breathwork

NeuroDynamic is a breathwork exercise that entails at least 2 hours of online personal development workshop experiences. It is organized mainly to enable the process of self-healing and empowerment oneself in which we process and discharge feelings, reconnect to our intuitive and imaginative impulses, and as well enhance health and well-being while listening to dynamic music while sitting or lying down in a safe room made available by the facilitator.

Most breathwork sessions are held in person and require considerable financial and time commitments. Still, NeuroDynamic breathwork workshops may be completed online and at a low cost from the convenience of your own home.

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Breathwork Mindfulness

Mindfulness breathwork is a type of breathwork where we learn to be more mindful of our daily lives and more present with our experiences through mindfulness. 

We could say that meditation is a more formal manner of exercising mindfulness – by providing oneself an allowed area and time to sit with awareness, thus decreasing our external stimuli and possibly choosing a distinct focus to be attentive to – such as our breath.

However, whenever a thought springs up in the form of distraction, all you have to do is ignore them and keep focus.


The breathwork practice enhances your health and weight loss journey. To learn more about it, how to practice it, and different types and techniques of breaker course. We’ve got all the help you need.

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