Feeling uncomfortable is your body is a sign of a lack of self-acceptance. This means that you may struggle to accept a certain part of your body, or are uncomfortable with one of your physical flaws. 

Start by working with the critical voice that tells you you’re not good-looking enough. Whenever it shows up in your mind, try to challenge it: for example, instead of thinking to yourself ‘I don’t feel comfortable in my body’, try to say ‘I am good just the way I am’. 

Besides, stop putting so much pressure on yourself to look like some model you saw on social media. Remember that most pictures are edited, and nobody looks perfect every day of their lives. Instead, try to be realistic with how you want to look — having some excess weight, stretch marks, and pimples happens to a lot of people. So remove that unrealistic expectation if you feel bad about your body. 

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Another thing you can do how to not feel bad about your body is to cultivate a daily self-care practice. This could be something as simple as:

  • A daily self-love meditation
  • Journalling some things you like about yourself
  • Doing a list of things you are grateful for
  • Speaking to a loved one
  • Allowing yourself to receive compliments from other people

When feeling bad about your body, remember to activate that supportive voice within yourself that tells you are good enough. This can trigger a positive upward spiral where you begin to love yourself and stop feeling uncomfortable in your body.

Asked by: Anne G.

CBT Psychologist / Cognitive Neuroscientist

Teodora is a cognitive neuroscientist with a background in Psychology and Integrative Psychotherapy. She has experience working in clinical trials with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients and adults with various mental health diagnoses. She has an integrative approach towards mental health and aims to help people recognize the importance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health to their overall mental wellness.