Hey! My name is Miranda, I’m 26 years old, and I used intermittent fasting to lose 66 pounds

I think I started gaining weight in the third grade’ I guess; I must say thanks to the burgers, fries, and churros I had for lunch at school. Although I still enjoy these things, back then, I was seriously fixated on them and required practically a mountain of fries to satisfy me. I overate and put on weight.

I was bigger than my peers and had been suffering due to that. I can’t say that I was actually bullied, but I always felt like the odd one out and would eat to make myself feel better. I hated my body and the food that made it so big. I tried dieting, but avoiding my favorite foods made me give up and binge. I ate too much and then tried an even stricter diet. I constantly felt terrible and was certain that I would never be able to lose weight.

Miranda's Weight Loss Story
Miranda's Weight Loss Story
Miranda's Weight Loss Story

However, my cousin later introduced me to intermittent fasting. I began looking into and experimenting with various fasting plans, and I eventually used an app to keep tabs on my fasting hours and weight loss progress.

I can still eat the foods I like to eat while fasting, which is the nicest part. That works for me – when I realized I could have everything I wanted, I stopped overeating.

So, first, I discovered that I’m comfortable with intermittent fasting 16/8. It wasn’t easy in the very beginning, but you know that 21-day rule to build a habit. It works. In about a month, having no breakfast till noon and dining before eight pm was no longer a problem.

I then experimented with Lasta recipes to find some better versions of my favorite foods. In the end, I didn’t even notice how I reached my weight loss goal.

The nicest part is that I now genuinely like my body. Not only my mirror reflection but the things I cannot see. My body is capable of unbelievable changes, and I really appreciate I learned that.

Now I still fast for health, but as my social life became more vivid since I lost weight, it’s a challenge to stay away from food when I go out. But at least I took the risk to actually go out and meet people and make friends.

I decided to simply switch up my intermittent fasting routines and attempt to keep my fasting window at least 12 hours long as a result. I feel good, so I suppose it’s working.

All in all, fasting with Lasta helped not only to lose weight but also to feel more confident and happier.

My friends tell me that my story is pretty inspiring, so I came here to share it – maybe it’s what someone needs to hear right now.