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Lilly Jackson is the Fitness coach & Rehabilitator. She is helping women everywhere unlock their full potential in health and fitness! With a Masters's in Medicine and a passion for writing, her calling is to share knowledge with the world.

Find the Best Pilates App Between 10: Core Strengths Unveiled!

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The Rise of Pilates Workout Apps – What the Point?

Would you like some help toning up your body without entering a gym? One of the latest, effective and low-impact exercises is pilates, which continues to gain popularity among people of all ages. In addition, the advent of Pilate’s exercise application means you can now fit at home or while enjoying a holiday. 

These fitness apps for pilates have a virtual guide that enables users to enhance their core exercise regimen, posture enhancement, and progress monitoring. With so many choices out there, like Lasta App, Pilatesanytime app, BetterMe-Pilates app, Pilatesology app, and Alo Pilates app…what is it all for? 

This article analyzes some crucial characteristics that these pilate apps provide (e.g., users can access the content whenever they want), shows how these aspects interact with one another, and delivers testimonies from people who have used both platforms as well!

No.App NameDescription
1Lasta Renowned for its diversity, it, one of the best at-home pilates app, offers many classes, from beginner to advanced, ensuring something for everyone.

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2Pilates Anytime AppWith an extensive library of classes, including pilates in bed, this app is perfect for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels, offering anytime access to expert-led sessions.
3BetterMe-Pilates App Focused on personalized fitness, BetterMe-Pilates tailors workouts to individual goals, making Pilates more accessible.
4Pilatesology AppDive into the authentic world of Pilates with Pilatesology, offering classical Pilates workouts for a true studio experience.
5Alo Pilates AppFrom the creators of Alo Yoga, this app blends Pilates and yoga, ideal for those who enjoy a holistic approach to fitness.
6Pilates Bar Workout AppSpecializing in bar Pilates, this app introduces a unique fusion of Pilates and ballet barre techniques for a challenging workout.
7Apple Fitness Plus PilatesSpecifically designed for seniors, this one of the best free pilates app on the market provides gentle Pilates workouts to improve flexibility and strength at a comfortable pace.
8Obe Pilates AppObe stands out with its vibrant, high-energy Pilates classes, bringing fun and enthusiasm to your workout routine.
9The Pilates Class AppCreated by a renowned Pilates instructor, this app offers classes focusing on body positivity and wellness.
10Pilates for Seniors AppSpecifically designed for seniors, this one of the best free pilates app on market provides gentle Pilates workouts to improve flexibility and strength at a comfortable pace.

10 Top Pilates Workout Apps Review – Catch Your Best One

To help you find a Pilates app that aligns with your goals and preferences, we’ve reviewed and ranked the 10 best Pilates workout apps. Whether you’re new to Pilates or an experienced practitioner, our list includes apps suited for all skill levels. 

Read on to discover our top picks and find an app to help sculpt a muscular, lean physique!

1. Lasta App: Your Virtual All-in

First off, Lasta App greets you with its intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface. Navigation is a breeze, making it suitable for both Pilates newbies and seasoned practitioners. The app lays out your workout plan with clear, easy-to-follow visuals and instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Pilates App

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Customization Galore

What sets Lasta apart is its deep customization options. Whether you focus on core strength, flexibility, or overall fitness, the app tailors Pilates routines to your personal goals and fitness level. It’s like having a private Pilates instructor in your pocket!

Diverse Workout Library

Variety is the spice of life, and Lasta App understands this perfectly. With an extensive library of Pilates exercises ranging from beginner to advanced levels, boredom is never an option. Each workout is designed by professional Pilates instructors, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Interactive Features

Engagement is critical, and Lasta nails this with interactive features like progress tracking, personalized feedback, and community challenges. These elements keep you motivated and foster a sense of community among users.

Accessibility and Convenience

The beauty of Lasta App lies in its accessibility. A full Pilates studio is just a tap away, whether is pilates program at home, in a hotel room, or at the park. This convenience means you’re more likely to stick to your fitness routine.


Compared to pricey gym memberships and personal trainers, Lasta App is a cost-effective solution for top-notch Pilates training. It offers various subscription plans to suit different budgets, making Pilates accessible to a broader audience.

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2. Pilatesanytime: Variety and Accessibility

This app, combining an extensive range of workouts with unparalleled accessibility, is a game-changer in the home fitness landscape.

Diverse Workout Collection

The app’s library is nothing short of impressive. With over 3,500 videos ranging from beginner to advanced levels, Pilates Anytime ensures something for everyone. The variety includes mat workouts, reformer sessions, and specialized classes like pre-natal Pilates.

Expert Instructors 

Each class is led by world-class Pilates instructors, bringing a blend of expertise and charisma to your workout. This ensures a high-quality experience and keeps the routines engaging and effective.

Customizable Plans

Pilates anytime review demonstrated this feature as a top for user’s choices! Tailoring your workout routine is a breeze with Pilates anytime. You can select workouts based on duration, intensity, or specific body focus, allowing for a truly personalized experience.

Community and Support

The app doesn’t just offer workouts; it fosters a community. With options to interact with instructors and other users, it creates a supportive and motivating environment for your Pilates journey.

3. BetterMe-Pilates: Personalization and Effectiveness

BetterMe-Pilates is the perfect choice for those who value a personalized, effective, and holistic Pilates experience. 

Pilates App

Personalized Workout Plans

BetterMe-Pilates creates workouts catering to your individual goals and fitness levels. By considering your personal data and preferences, it crafts challenging and achievable routines.

Easy-to-Follow Guidance 

With clear instructions and visual guides, the app makes Pilates accessible even to beginners. The step-by-step approach ensures you perform each movement with precision and safety.

Progress Tracking

BetterMe-Pilates helps you keep track of your journey with insightful progress tracking. This feature motivates you by showing how far you’ve come and what you can achieve next.

Nutritional Recommendation

Unique to BetterMe-Pilates, it offers nutritional advice that complements your fitness routine. This holistic approach ensures you get the most out of your Pilates practice.

4. Pilatesology: Traditional Pilates Focus

In a world brimming with modern fitness trends, Pilatesology stands out as a haven for traditional Pilates enthusiasts. This app captures the essence of classical Pilates, offering a pure, undiluted, challenging, and rewarding experience.

Pilates App

Authentic Pilates Method

Pilatesology is dedicated to the original Pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates. This focus on tradition offers a unique and authentic experience, making it a gem for purists.

Expert Instructors

The app features a roster of highly skilled instructors, many trained in the classical Pilates lineage. Their expertise ensures that each workout is effective and stays true to Pilates’s core principles.

Detailed Instructional Videos

Each exercise has clear, detailed instructions, making this best pilates workout app between tradition easy to follow and perfect your form. This is especially beneficial for beginners who are new to the Pilates method.

Accessibility and Comfort

Pilatesology brings the classical Pilates studio experience to your home or wherever you are, making it convenient to stick to a consistent Pilates practice.

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5. Alo Pilates: Integration with Yoga and Wellness

Alo Pilates is a harmonious blend of Pilates, yoga, and wellness. This app stands out for its holistic approach, integrating Pilates’s core-strengthening benefits with yoga’s flexibility and mindfulness.

Pilates App

Unique Pilates-Yoga Fusion

Alo Pilates is not just a Pilates app; it’s a fusion experience. It combines the precision of Pilates with the fluidity of yoga, offering a comprehensive workout that caters to both the body and mind.

Diverse Range of Classes

Whether you’re in the mood for a rigorous Pilates session or a calming yoga flow, Alo Pilates has you covered. The app offers a variety of classes to suit different fitness levels and preferences.

Holistic Wellness Focus 

Beyond physical workouts, Alo Pilates emphasizes overall wellness. The app includes meditation and mindfulness sessions, complementing your physical practice with mental and emotional balance.

Community and Resources

It offers access to wellness blogs, nutritional tips, and connects you with a global community of like-minded individuals.

6. Pilates Bar Workout App: Unique Bar Workouts

Pilates Bar Workout App carves out its niche with a unique twist. This app specializes in bar workouts, merging traditional Pilates principles with innovative bar exercises for a unique fitness experience.

Pilates App

Specialized Bar Workouts

The standout feature of this app is its focus on Pilates bar exercises. This unique approach provides a fresh take on Pilates, adding variety and challenge to your routine.

Versatility in Exercises

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the app offers many workouts that utilize the Pilates bar in creative ways. This versatility keeps your activities exciting and compelling.

Progress Tracking

The app includes features to track your progress – this accountability aspect is a great motivator.

Home Workout Convenience

Designed for home use, the Pilates Bar Workout App brings the effectiveness of a Pilates studio into the comfort of your home, making it convenient to maintain a regular workout schedule.

7. Apple Fitness Plus Pilates App: Convenience for Regular Practitioners

For those already immersed in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Fitness Plus Pilates App stands out as a beacon of convenience and quality. This app, tailored for regular Pilates practitioners, seamlessly combines with your Apple devices, offering an enriching and hassle-free workout experience.

Pilates App

High-Quality Video and Audio

Apple app’s production quality shines through in this app. The high-definition videos and clear audio make following along a breeze, enhancing your overall workout experience.

Personalized Recommendations

This pilates app proposes suggestions based on your previous activities, helping you discover new challenges and styles that align with your fitness goals.

On-Demand Accessibility

With workouts available on-demand, you can fit your Apple session into any part of your day, making it ideal for those with busy schedules.

Apple Music Integration

For those who love to workout with music, the integration with Apple Music offers a seamless way to play your favorite tunes while you exercise.

8. Obe Pilates: Dynamic and High-Energy Classes

Obe Pilates is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more dynamic and high-spirited approach to Pilates. Its energy-packed classes, expert instruction, and supportive community make it a standout app for anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Pilates App

High-Energy Workouts

The core appeal of Obe Pilates lies in its vibrant and energetic classes. These sessions boost your mood and energy levels while providing a rigorous Pilates workout.

Wide Variety of Classes 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Pilates practitioner, Obe Pilates offers an impressive range of classes. This diversity ensures that your workouts remain challenging and engaging.

Live and On-Demand Options 

Obe Pilates offers live classes and a robust library of on-demand workouts. This flexibility allows you to join the community in real-time or fit a workout into your schedule.

Focus on Total Fitness

The app not only offers Pilates but also includes other fitness modalities. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded fitness regimen.

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9. The Pilates Class App: Celebrity Trainer Insights

Pilates Class App is a fantastic choice for those who aspire to train like a celebrity. Its expert-led workouts, variety, and user-friendly interface make it a standout app for anyone looking to elevate their Pilates practice. 

Pilates App

Celebrity Trainer Expertise

The app’s main draw is its connection to a renowned celebrity Pilates trainer. This provides users with high-quality, effective workouts that are often the secret weapon of A-listers.

Varied Workout Library

The Pilates Class App offers diverse workouts catering to different goals and levels. Whether aiming for a gentle session or an intense workout, there’s something for every preference.

Holistic Fitness Focus

Beyond Pilates, the app encompasses a broader range of wellness practices.  This holistic practice guarantees that your fitness journey is balanced and well-rounded.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The app’s convenience is a major plus. It allows you to access top-tier Pilates workouts anytime, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

10. Pilates for Seniors App: Prefer for an Older Audience

This one is the best app for pilates for older individuals striving to engage in Pilates. Its thoughtful design, senior-specific workouts, and focus on safety and well-being make it a highly recommended app for seniors looking to improve their fitness and overall quality of life. 

Pilates App

Senior-Friendly Workouts

The app features workouts specifically tailored for seniors, focusing on gentle movements that enhance flexibility, balance, and strength, which are paramount for aging bodies.

Low-Impact Exercises 

Understanding the physical limitations that may come with age, the app emphasizes low-impact exercises. This approach minimizes the risk of injury while still offering the full benefits of Pilates.

Clear, Easy-to-Follow Guidance

Each exercise has clear instructions and visuals, making it easy for seniors to follow along and perform the movements correctly and safely.

Focus on Overall Well-being 

Beyond physical fitness, the app also addresses overall well-being. It includes stretching, relaxation, and mindfulness, catering to seniors’ physical and mental health.

Exploring Free Pilates App Options

AppFree ContentPrice for Full AccessEquipment NeededSkill LevelsTraining VarietyProsCons
Lasta App1-Week full access – $0.49 $29.99/monthNoneAll levelsMat pilates, wall pilates, yogaGood for beginners. Covers all basicsLimited advanced content
Pilates AnytimeSome free videos$18/monthVariesAll levelsMat, reformer, chair, springs, propsHuge video library. Many class typesNo customization
BetterMeSome free videos$14.99/monthNoneBeginner & intermediateMat, strength training, HIITGood value. Customized workoutsLimited class types beyond mat
Pilatesology7-day free trial$18/monthMat, reformer, springsAll levelsMat, reformer, tower, chair, springsVery comprehensive. Great instructorsEquipment required for full access
Alo Moves14-day free trial$20/monthNoneBeginner to advancedMat, barre, yoga, cardio, breathworkWell-designed platform. Holistic workoutsSome intermediate gaps
Pilates Barre WorkoutAll access freeN/ANoneAll levelsBarre pilates fusionFree. Good for beginnersOnly barre pilates
Apple Fitness+1 week free$9.99/monthNoneBeginner & intermediateMat pilatesApple Watch integration. Quality productionGaps beyond intermediate level
Obe Fitness14-day free trial$27/monthNoneAll levelsMat, barre, yoga, HIIT, boxingCelebrity trainers. Good music integrationExpensive
The Pilates Class7-day free trial$15/monthMatBeginner & intermediateMat pilatesCustomized class plans. Good valueGaps at advanced level
Pilates for SeniorsAll access freeN/ANone/chair optionalBeginnersGentle mat pilatesSpecifically for seniors. FreeVery limited repertoire

User Reviews and Ratings on Each Pilates Exercise App: Real Experiences

Lasta App: Best for Healthy Lifestyle Transformation 

Lasta earns praise for its vast library of Pilates videos for all levels. Many users call the instructors ” motivating” and “knowledgeable.” However, some felt the app lacked options for customizing workouts.

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Pilates Anytime App: The Pilates Encyclopedia Award

With over 1,300 videos, Pilates Anytime is considered a “one-stop shop” for Pilates enthusiasts. Fans say the filtering options make finding the perfect class easy. But its subscription fee is a turn-off for casual users.

Alo Pilates App: The Pilates Journey Inspirer

Alo earns consistent 5-star reviews for its equipment-based Pilates with gentle yet challenging instructors. Users love the class variety, but it’s only available on Roku devices.

Pilates Bar Workout App: The Innovative Equipment Integrator

Fans say this app makes Pilates bar/reformer routines accessible for at-home workouts. However, it requires pricey equipment; some claim the sessions get repetitive over time.

Pilatesology App: The Classical Pilates Maestro

Pilatesology review from pilates teachers rave about Pilatesology’s expansive video library and emphasis on proper form. However, multiple customers complain the app is not user-friendly and has technical glitches.

Apple Fitness+ Pilates: The Tech-Savvy Workout Companion

Apple Fitness+ offers solid fundamental Pilates for no added cost. Users appreciate the simple interface and music options. But there are few advanced or equipment classes currently.

Obe Pilates App: The Community Fitness Motivator

Obe garners attention for fusing Pilates principles with strength, HIIT, and yoga. Users praise the originality, but it strays far from classical Pilates. The cost is also relatively high.

BetterMe-Pilates App: The Comeback Kid

BetterMe pilates reviews show that it wins over beginners with its basic, equipment-free Pilates workouts. Users say the simple interface and tracking features keep them motivated. But more advanced fans felt the sessions lacked intensity.

Pilates Class App: The Innovator in Pilates Transformation

This app wins praise for its beginner-friendly, equipment-free Pilates. Users highlight the budget price and goal-setting tools. But some say without videos, it’s not immersive.

Pilates for Seniors App: The Senior Strength and Flexibility Champion

Reviewers approve of this app’s gentle, senior-focused Pilates programming with an eye toward joint health. However, limited class styles and no instructional videos limit the experience.

So on, for fans of classical Pilates, Pilatesology, and Pilates Anytime offer robust video libraries. Best pilates app for beginners you can find between Lasta, BetterMe, and Apple Fitness+. And Alo Pilates connects exercisers with equipment options. Compare costs and free trials first.

Your Best Pilates App for Weight Loss: Proof Criteria to Choose

Finding the best Pilates app for weight loss involves several necessary criteria to ensure you choose an effective, enjoyable, and safe option. Here’s a friendly focus to help you pick the right app:

  • User reviews and ratings. Look for apps with high and positive user ratings. This feedback can give you insights into the app’s effectiveness and user experience.
  • Qualified instructors. Ensure the app features workouts led by certified Pilates instructors. This guarantees that the exercises are correctly demonstrated and effective.
  • Variety of workouts. Your best pilates app for weight loss should offer a range of workouts to suit different fitness levels and goals. This keeps your routine interesting and challenging as you progress.
  • Customization options. Inspect if the app qualifies you to customize training according to your fitness level and specific weight loss goals.
  • Progress tracking. Apps that track your progress can be highly motivating. Look for features that monitor your workouts, weight, and other fitness metrics.
  • Nutritional direction. Some apps also provide nutritional advice and meal plans, which can be an excellent bonus for your weight loss journey.
  • Free trial time. Choose apps with a free trial. This allows you to try out the app’s features and workouts without subscribing.

Final Recommendations for Your Best Virtual Pilates Lessons Experience 

With all that you have read about pilates workout routines, it’s clear that a vast array of virtual Pilates lessons app options are available in the market today. From free, accessible beginner’s apps to more advanced and customized arrangements, you can tailor your experience to what works best for you. 

Whether you are entirely new to Pilates or simply want to take your practice to the next level, you are armed with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about where to go next! 

So, don’t delay – take some time to explore your virtual Pilates lesson possibilities and secure the perfect one for you. Get started on your journey and see just how much you can enjoy achieving better body awareness and improved whole-body strength in the comfort of your own home!

Lilly Jackson is the Fitness coach & Rehabilitator. She is helping women everywhere unlock their full potential in health and fitness! With a Masters's in Medicine and a passion for writing, her calling is to share knowledge with the world.