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What Is The 20/4 Intermittent Fasting?

Calorie counting is the foundation for healthy weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you should limit your caloric intake and create a calorie depletion. For weight gain, you can add more calories to your meals. However, if you desire to stay the same weight, you should follow your regular diet. 

But what if you’re not a fan of calorie counting? And you seek a way out? I know a diet that will allow you to attain your weight-loss objectives without keeping track of the calories in each meal. Let me teach you about 20/4 Intermittent fasting. Hop in, let’s take the ride together. 

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Intermittent Fasting Rules

Intense Intermittent fasting, also known as 20/4, entails restricting your food and beverage intake to a 4-hour window each day. You’re allowed to drink water and other low-calorie liquids like simple coffee or tea during the remaining 20 hours but not to eat. Eating is a no when it comes to these 20 hours.

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However, this cycle can be repeated as often as you’d like, anywhere from once or twice weekly to every day. Those trying to lose weight and burn fat are increasingly turning to this fasting strategy. Intermittent fasting of 20/4 hours is also thought to improve blood sugar regulation and lengthen life. You are eating for four Hours and fasting for 20 hours.

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20 Hours Fast Benefits

A 20-hour fast has a lot of health benefits. Embarking on it has a lot to add to the body. Now, Let’s take an intent look at the numerous health benefits of 20-hour intermittent fasting.

It helps improve body composition, and the Insulin level and sensitivity of the body get improved during this process. There is usually an increased BDNF level, and HGH production increases as cellular health improve. It helps speed up weight loss.

Decreased inflammation. A 20 hour fast improves the entire body function when carried out correctly. 20/4 Intermittent fasting practice has been shown in specific trials to help people with type 2 diabetes.

20/4 Hour Fasting Schedule

The 20/4 hour fasting is scheduled so that during the estimated 20 hours you’d be fasting, you are free to diet on raw fruits and veggies with a small portion of snacks of your choice. Taking a small number of dairy products is not a bad idea. Research has it that boiled eggs have a lot of health benefits, so take a little of it as its termed healthy protein. However, for the 4 hours, which is your free period, you are free to eat anything provided you don’t exceed the required Calories intake for the day.

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Final Thought

If you want to begin the 20/4 intermittent fasting or the Warrior Diet, you can follow the following principles or just one easy strategy: eat all of your meals within 4 hours. 

Intermittent fasting could help you lose weight, especially if you’re a man with extra body fat and metabolic illness and want to lose some pounds fast. As a woman who has a healthy body weight and body fat percentage, or you want to maximize muscle gain, proceed with caution. Take the quiz today to learn more about the different intermittent fasting methods.

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