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Picture yourself beginning a wellness journey with two faithful app companions: the wise sages Noom and Lasta. Each is armed with similar yet slightly differing features to guide you along the path of health and wellness.

Noom, like a diligent assistant, automates weekly check-ins and assigns coaches to your benefit, helping you navigate weight loss. Meanwhile, Lasta, the nutrition and fasting guru, comes bearing the wisdom of Registered Dietitians, ready to share mouth-watering meal plans carved for your needs.

Where Noom promotes a freewheeling lifestyle with no rigid food rules, Lasta structures your eating habits with specific plans. Yet, both aim to cultivate a healthier, happier you!

They each have unique feature sets that encourage a balanced, nutritional lifestyle, assist with healthy weight loss, and approach wellness from a psychological standpoint without overthrowing your day-to-day life.

Whether these app names ring a bell or are entirely alien to you, fret not! You'll read an informative overview explaining each app's benefits and why it deserves a spot on your smartphone. So strap in, and keep reading to get a push on this health journey!



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Intermittent fasting courses


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iOS, Android

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Fantastic app

Great app, thank you so much for such a great find for me


Relaxing Reminder

I enjoy the premium version of this app. It is one of my number one apps to use throughout the day. It tracks my mood, weight, and water intake and gives you lifestyle-changing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have tried a few of the meals and they are delicious. I also like how this app gives you the weight loss goal you need to stick to daily to get to the goal you are going to accomplish. 5 out 5 I recommend this app.


I just wanted to eat and look better

I don’t really have a story. I wanted to eat better and lose 20 lbs. I answered questions about my lifestyle, my body, and my preferences and got a meal plan that suited me perfectly. I’m 18 lbs down in 1 month and I’m super happy about my lifestyle changes!


Less became More

I was too inconsistent with planning my meals, workouts so I gave up before beginning my intermittent fasting journey but I luckily came across the Lasta app I suddenly had a personalized plan to keep me accountable and that I can be able to follow for optimum results.


Love this app!

I am new to using this app but am loving it so far! It is motivating me to improve my intermittent fasting times. The reminders are very helpful. As well, I love the recipes, workouts and affirmations. It includes so many more important health aspects than I thought it would. I am inspired to improve my health and wellness by using Lasta!

Shilpa Rana

Fantastic app

Superb app, very easy to operate and gives excellent results.

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Craft a tailor-made strategy with the Lasta wellness quiz

Lasta Quiz is an innovative tool to delve deep into your wellness profile. This in-depth questionnaire will illuminate your goals, inclinations, and necessities while identifying potential behavioral obstacles that might undermine your steady weight loss progression.

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Locking the Lasta App's potential requires a premium upgrade – but that shouldn't discourage you. The pathway to complete access comes at an affordable monthly rate of $35. Nevertheless, we offer a unique chance to unlock this treasure trove of premium features at an impressive discount. You can join our elite premium club now at the competitive rate of just $11.99 per month!

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What are the categories of food in the Noom diet?

The Noom diet classifies food into three categories based on calorie content: Green symbolizes low-calorie food, yellow represents average-calorie food, and red indicates high-calorie food.

You'll find fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, tofu, and Greek yogurt in the Green category. The Yellow category includes lean meats, turkey breast, black beans, and chickpeas. The Red category consists of foods high in calories, such as oils, fats, nuts, seeds, and desserts like pie.

Does Noom offer a free trial, and how much does a subscription cost?

Yes, Noom provides a two-week free trial. After the trial, a one-month subscription to Noom costs $70. However, if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, the monthly cost is reduced to $17.

How does Noom customize a diet plan for a user?

When a user signs up for Noom, they complete a 10-minute online quiz. The quiz asks about the user's life and habits, such as height, weight, gender, age, and reasons for wanting to lose weight. The responses to the quiz are used to customize a diet plan, assign a coach, and provide access to tools for tracking fitness, food, blood pressure, and sugar levels.

Noom provides advice through quick tips or quizzes. These are based on the individual's lifestyle and habits, as determined by their responses to the initial quiz. The aim is to guide users towards healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

What features does Lasta offer to maximize efficiency?

Lasta is a comprehensive wellness application that serves as a one-stop app for all your fasting needs. It incorporates intermittent fasting practices to help individuals teach their bodies to consume food only during designated eating windows, facilitating weight loss and progress without plateaus or weight gain.

Lasta offers its users new features to enhance cooperation and maximize efficiency, including daily stories on the Lasta app blog, search functionality for specific topics in lessons and courses available in the Mind tab, different methods of fasting based on intermittent fasting hours, timely tips for daily motivation, and goal tracking to meet individual needs.

How does Lasta simplify the fasting experience?

Lasta fasting app provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the fasting experience. It offers customized and guided fasting plans, allowing users to track their daily routines easily. The app helps set goals, monitor progress, and stay motivated by providing helpful reminders and allowing users to adjust their fasting schedules as needed.

Lasta leverages machine learning to provide personalized fasting plans based on intermittent fasting hours. It considers different fasting methods, a user's schedule, and lifestyle to craft individualized fasting plans. This unique approach ensures that users receive tailored fasting recommendations for optimal results.

What does Lasta's meal plan offer?

Lasta provides a meal plan that helps users find the best meal options to suit their dietary needs and lifestyle. Developed by an expert registered dietitian, the meal plans offer various options. Users can track their meals and even make edits to their meal plans easily, ensuring a convenient and customized experience.