How to Meditate for Weight Loss 

How to Meditate for Weight Loss

Meta: We know about exercising and eating mindfully for weight loss, but very few people appreciate the power of morning meditation for weight loss. You see, meditation gets you more in tune with your body and feelings and empowers you to make healthy decisions. It takes advantage of the mind-body connection, harnesses it, and allows you to reap all the fantastic benefits.

We will explore the topic of mindfulness meditation for weight loss if it is good for you, and how you can start.

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Meditation for Weight Loss: An Overview

First of all, meditation is the act of focusing your attention to find peace and clarity. It has been proven to lower high blood pressure, manage stress levels, and help with weight loss. Although there is no research showing the direct link between meditation and losing extra pounds, we know that it helps you become more aware of your thoughts and responses to things, especially food. 

The next section will answer a commonly asked question about meditation and its effect on your weight.

Can Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, research shows meditation, if done right, can help you lose weight. Meditation teaches you to be more in tune with your body and its needs. As such, you are more conscious of what you eat, when you eat, and the portion you consume. In essence, meditation makes it easier to stick to your diet and reduces health risks. 

Does Meditation Speed up Metabolism?

Asides from the popular question of “is meditation good for losing weight?”, another common question we get is “does meditation speed up metabolism?”. Studies show a definite increase in the activity areas responsible for metabolism in people who practice meditation. 

How to Use Meditation for Weight Loss

While meditation alone may not help you lose weight, it is still worth trying since it is free and relaxing. So, in the next section, we will guide you through using meditation for weight loss. 

Guided Meditation for Weight Loss

As long as you have a mind and a body, you can practice weight loss through meditation. Here’s how to use meditation to lose weight:

  • The first step is to find a quiet place where you can be comfortable.
  • You can choose to sit or lie down; whichever one is more comfortable for you.
  • Next, focus on taking deep breaths until you start to feel more relaxed.
  • With your eyes closed or open, breathe in deeply and hold it for a few seconds, then let it out.
  • Continue these breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Reflect on how your week is going and all your feelings.

It may seem hard to stop disruptions and maintain the focus and attention needed for meditation, but it gets easier with time. 

How to Meditate for Weight Loss 

How You Can Breathe and Meditate for Weight Loss

Breathing (deep breathing) has been closely linked with weight loss. It increases the oxygen supply around your body and helps you burn extra fat. Deep breathing also helps you achieve those desirable toned abdominal muscles. 

How to Reduce Stress to Lose Weight

Meditation helps calm and relax you so that you let go of the stress and pressures of life. People tend to stress eat or overeat in response to the fear and stress they feel inside, but you don’t have to do this. Rather than binge eat or eat just because you are stressed, focus on enjoying the food before you, take in all the different flavors, and stop eating once you are full. 

Try sitting in a corner and working through each emotion you feel without judgment. Take a deep breath in, then let go of all the stress you feel. 

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Benefits of Meditation

There are several benefits of meditation. We have listed a few of them below: 

  • It helps you develop more mindful food habits.
  • It relaxes you and helps you destress.
  • In conjunction with other weight loss tools, meditation helps keep you physically fit.
  • Reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improves your mental health.
  • Lowers your stress and inflammation levels.
  • It helps improve your quality of sleep.

Final Thoughts 

Many individuals don’t understand the benefits of meditating for weight loss and never enjoy its benefits. Don’t be like that – become more aware of your relationship to food today. Download the Lasta app and learn novel ways to lose weight. 

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