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How I Saved My Health and Lost 27 Pounds with Intermittent Fasting

Hey! My name is Gregory, I’m 55 y. o., and I’m happy to announce: that I lost 27 lbs and saved my health.

So, my story is simple: my doc told me to lose weight or else I was going to develop diabetes type 2. 

At that time I thought I felt pretty comfortable in my body, so I wasn’t really fancy about turning my life upside down with all this fitness obsession. You know, honestly, I guess, I was just mad and tired, and introducing new laborious habits like healthy home cooking and workouts would drive me even crazier. But I was on the edge of diabetes, I couldn’t just ditch it out of the picture.

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Finding Middle Ground  in the Transition from Culinary Passion to Dietary Needs

So, at first, I would do nothing and protest. Especially, when my wife, dearly dedicated to getting my diet healthy, tried to cook some low-calorie low-carb, and definitely-no-flavour recipes she found somewhere on the web. My wife is a wonderful cook, but those dishes were barely edible and absolutely not fulfilling. And we would fight a lot about that. I knew she was meaning well, and she would eat with me those steam cutlets and veggies with no salt, no spice, and no oil as those sites recommended just to support me.

I guess that was the time I needed to process the stages of acceptance and proceed to action and cooperation. 

But as that nutrition thing would affect our relationship, we decided to sit down, talk, and look for other options. 

I am still pretty much busy at work, so I had no time or desire to work out. And I admit, I would feel intimidated by those bulky gym buddies and alien machines I knew nothing about. 

I am a convinced gourmet and God’s witness I’ve almost chosen diabetes over diet. So classic restrictive eating styles like volumetric, low-carb, low-fat, keto, paleo, and God forbid vegetarian or vegan. Respectfully, I don’t mind any of these diets – they just didn’t suit me and I simply can’t give up my favorite foods for good or even for long. We tried that – it simply didn’t work, and I simply couldn’t keep up with it.

Success stories Male
Success stories Male

Embracing Power of Fasting for Weight-Transformation and Health Optimization

So, I ended up with intermittent fasting, tried several plans, and actually stuck to it. I combined different schedules for different days to fit my lifestyle. I was pretty fine without having breakfast and snacks after dinner. And eventually, I lost 27 lbs and my blood sugar improved too.

I can’t say how much my life changed since I started fasting. Because nothing changed, and everything changed. I mean, it all came so naturally and with minimum new things, that I just got used to and then gradually adopted a few more habits that do me a favor. 

You see, I didn’t change my diet a lot – I still have my pasta, steak, or even mac’n’cheese for dinner – but now my wife and I have learned to cook them at home and use the ingredients more mindfully. Like, we still have the same course – but the macros appear to be different. 

Also, my habit of savoring foods serves me well – I do take time to enjoy my meal instead of gluttonizing it straight away. That really helps to feel more fulfilled, once you have some limits.

Then, after dinner, my wife and I started taking walks to avoid the temptation to snack after my fasting started. We get dressed as if we had a date, walk around with no hurry, and talk a lot. I feel that’s really great for our relationship. Now, we’re thinking of adopting a dog as we both got used to being more active outside.

Actually, as I got lighter, I had less pain in my joints, I felt healthier and I had more energy. 

I love how my life got more balanced and joyful with fasting. I’ve hit my goal, but I’m going to continue fasting because I like it. I feel like I’m doing a good thing for my mind and my body, and I feel proud about it. My doc approves my fasting too. They say there are more health benefits, but I’m not an expert yet, so I’ll talk about it once I dive deeper into this topic.

If you ask me, what helped me the most, here’s the list:

* A good plan/program to track your progress

* Support from your close ones 

* Savouring food

And again thousand thanks to my wonderful, patient, and supportive wife for going this path with me.

I’m happy I saved my health and I’m sharing my story with all those details as I hope it helps men and women just like me to believe in themselves and find their method to hit their goals. So, if you’re the one, who needs a drop of motivation: Good luck, keep going, you’ll make it!